Thursday, June 16, 2011

First things first

Welcome to the food love project!
What do you want this blog to cover?  I am prepared to share great recipes, go over uses for the kitchen tools and appliances that you never use, talk about restaurant and food experiences, and answer your foodie questions.
 Do you need to know how to season a cast iron skillet? How to make risotto? How to make your family love Brussels sprouts? Ask away! I am opening up the blog to questions for my first post, and then will get to town on sharing recipes and fun tricks with you all!
When we get enough followers, I will be hosting giveaways! So keep coming back :)
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Kate said...

Hey! I just made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and the recipe called for unsalted butter. What is the difference between using unsalted butter versus regular butter (besides the salt, obviously!) ?

Kristina said...

This is a great idea Tori! I loved reading it :)